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If you haven’t given much thought to the state and efficiency of your parking facility, now is the time. But before you decide to build a new one or to simply upgrade the one you have, consider your choices. While you can choose a standard parking lot or a garage with its winding ramps and dark passages, you might want to ponder the usefulness, safety, and economically rewarding aspects of semi-automated parking systems. So, what are the different types of semi-automatic parking systems?

Parking Systems

Let’s begin with a brief survey of parking arrangements. Parking lots are parcels of land, most often rectangular, with the parking spaces marked off by paint. While cheap and easy to build, they don’t make effective use of the space, produce pollution, and can cause accidents. Parking garages are better, but also underuse space and enable accidents as well since drivers self-park. Garages may also demand hiring extra personnel, as well as spending money on ventilation, maintaining the temperature, and lighting up every level so people can see where they’re going. On the other hand, while semi-automatic and fully automated parking systems may require some overhead expense to build, they remain safer, cleaner, more secure, and more efficient than garages. Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of semi-automated parking systems.

Carmatrix Puzzle Park Lift System

What are the different types of semi-automatic parking systems? The first type offered by Harding Steel is our puzzle lift parking systems. This is our most basic automated parking system setup. Carmatrix semi-automated parking systems allow drivers to park their cars on a platform and leave the vehicle. The platform then moves up or over to provide space for another vehicle, rotating and stacking cars vertically to ensure space for others. Cars are easily retrieved afterward by the driver, as the system “reshuffles” the cars while retrieving the correct one. This is one of our more popular parking systems, which is easily fitted to your facility and suitable for both business and residential use. There’s no need to hire additional parking staff, either.

Wöhr Combilift Parking System

While similar to the puzzle parking system we already mentioned, Wöhr Combilift parking systems have a few differences. They do permit drivers to park themselves on a platform, and the system does move and shuffle the car with the others, sometimes taking it up or down to find a proper space. However, the Wöhr Combilift system provides more room for vehicles, more luxury, and an even higher level of engineering. Unlike the puzzle lift, no lifting apparatuses are exposed, providing an extra bit of safety and protection. The lifts run silently and smoothly and at a higher speed. Drivers can download an app to control the parking mechanism from their automobile as well. This semi-automated parking systems can also be cosmetically customized with wood paneling, aluminum finishes, and glass for a sleeker look. In short, it’s a luxury parking experience.

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