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More property owners who oversee multi-residential buildings are exploring the benefits of car lifts. Whether for simple car storage to renters or as a service to collectors, tinkerers, or luxury car drivers, these individuals are implementing car lifts in their building’s garages and elsewhere. If you’re curious about the growing popularity of multi-residential car lifts, here are several good reasons why installing one, two, or many more is a great idea.

They Save Space

One of the more apparent reasons for adding a car lift to a garage or multi-residential property is the fact that it makes better use of the space available. A single bay doesn’t mean only enough space for one car. With a car lift and a high enough ceiling, a space can lodge two or even three vehicles, depending on the lift model installed. Some garages can even accommodate an underground lift or auto-stacker that raises the vehicle to the ceiling. For any make or model of car lift, however, its best and most basic benefit is the ability to turn a little space into a lot of space.


The growing popularity of residential car lifts also rests on the fact that when a car is up on a lift or locked underground or overhead, it’s harder to reach, and thus more difficult to damage or steal. Keeping a car locked, sequestered in a parking facility, and up on the lift throws plenty of obstacles in the casual car vandal or thief’s path. Some basic hydraulic lifts may even require two people to operate. In short, car lifts keep cars safe and secured, an extra consideration and selling point for your renters.

Protect Cars From the Elements and More

One car in a garage is safe from rain, snow, sleet, and the sundry other disasters and damage that can take place outside. But fitting two or more cars into a garage means better protecting your renters’ vehicular investments. Keep the finishes on their vehicles looking brand-new and prevent the internal rust and corrosion that can take place in an outdoor or uncontrolled environment. Keeping a vehicle indoors also prevents wildlife from entering and interfering with its mechanisms, or leaving “deposits” inside or outside the vehicle. A car stacker parking system doesn’t let nature get the better of your renter’s vehicles while they’re at rest.


When you make it easier to park more vehicles in your parking facility, you’re keeping your renters and possibly yourself safer as well. Avoiding street or driveway parking through pulling into the garage and closing the door makes drivers less of a target for muggers, carjackers, or prowlers. It’s statistically unlikely they’ll be attacked in the path between their vehicles and your property’s entryway, but isn’t it a better feeling ensuring there’s no possibility of that happening thanks to the convenience and safety of a car stacker parking system?

Reduce Wear and Tear

With certain lifts, cars can be elevated in such a way so there’s little to no pressure on the tires. When a car is at rest, the full weight of the vehicle rests on the tires. This can flatten them out, adding more pressure to one part of the wheel, leading to a greater possibility of a flat or blowout on the road. This isn’t just a concern for vintage and prestige models only driven on occasion. Truth be told, people don’t drive as much as they think, and their vehicles spend a great deal of their lives sitting still, waiting to take them to work, school, the store, or wherever. Give cars a rest even when they’re completely at rest! Your clients will appreciate it even if not entirely aware of it.

Expand Your Space, Remove the Clutter

When you store cars up, down, and out of the way in your parking facility, you’re leaving more space for other things in the facility and around your property. Think of what you can do with the areas freed up after you raise up vehicles. Consider the opportunities that can open for rentable storage space, or simply added space for you to keep tools and equipment out of the way. Decluttering affects your multi-residential building’s look as well. When vehicles are kept stored indoors and kept off the surrounding streets, the value of your property multiplies as potential renters and buyers get a bigger eyeful of the exterior. More parking space also means fewer traffic jams and greater safety in the area as cars are kept off nearby streets.

Car Lifts Are a Selling Point

Assess the quality of driving and parking in the area around the building. If street space is at a premium, a car stacker parking system makes the property and its apartments and offices more desirable for multi-car families and businesses with a large number of customers who need a place to park. There’s also the coolness factor of car lifts. They make any facility appear more modern and contemporary with their ability to lift and store away vehicles.


Many factors can indicate one’s status and prestige, but some things go a little bit further showing success. If a renter owns a precision or luxury vehicle, they’ll appreciate a worthy place to display it on an automated car lift. Besides all the above reasons—safety, security, and the rest—a special car deserves a special display area in your facility or wherever you choose to establish and install your car stacker parking system. Think of it as a trophy case without the glass. If they’re proud of their vehicle, a car lift exhibits a client’s vehicle in the best possible light and space.

Want to find out more about the car stacker parking system that’s right for you and your multi-residential property? Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation and an opportunity to assess what system your property can best accommodate. Reach out to us at (800) 727-5325, or send us a note through our site at We offer service on either coast or in Colorado. Contact us today!

The Growing Popularity of Multi-Residential Car Lifts

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