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Outdated, inaccessible, and overflowing parking systems do more than just frustrate drivers. Cities that struggle with providing enough parking experience higher traffic congestion, more fuel waste, and higher levels of air pollution. That’s why more and more urban spaces are turning to some of the top innovations in automated parking garage systems. Modern automation and other technology enhances parking spaces to accommodate more people with less time, less manpower, and less hassle. Read on to discover some of the most popular and beneficial modern parking systems.

Lift Parking Systems

Parking lifts bring car parking into the third dimension by stacking cars on top of each other in mechanical lifts. By leveraging overhead space, these parking systems massively expand the amount of parking space available within a single garage.

Some innovations take the idea of lift parking even further for better flexibility and storage space. One example of this is the puzzle lift parking system, which utilizes lifts that move both horizontally and vertically to store cars. Puzzle lift parking is a semi-automatic system in which drivers pull their car into the lift, exit, and let the system do the work of parking—and later retrieving—their car.

Robot Valets

Leaving your car in the service of a robot is a futuristic idea that has become a reality for some cities. Automated robot valets are among the top innovations in automated parking garage systems. With this technology, robots pick up your car from a designated drop-off and park it in a pre-booked spot within the garage. Because robot valets have better precision and efficiency than human drivers, garages that utilize this technology are able to maximize their space even without lifts.

Wireless Charging in Parking Spots

As electric car technology evolves and becomes more popular, many cities are searching for ways to make electric cars more accessible. Efficient and easy charging are a huge part of this. That’s why wireless charging technology is gaining popularity in many spaces, including the parking sector. Traditional charging involves posts, cords, and other hardware that takes up room. Wireless charging, on the other hand, involves nothing more than a charging pad that sits beneath the car. Wireless charging parking spots take up less room and enable more efficient parking layouts.

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